A la recherche d’un modèle économique et d’un système juridique respectueux de la planète et de ses habitants, synthèse commentée de “Rethinking capitalism", RED 04, 2022

By L. Cornelis
Published on February 6, 2023

The fourth issue of the European Law Review (ELR) in 2022 ("RED 04"), edited by Ms K. Pistor (Columbia Law School) and Mr G. Canivet (former First President of the French Court of Cassation and former member of the Constitutional Council), is dedicated to "Rethinking capitalism".

RED 04 hosts 29 contributions, making it an impressive collective work of high quality in which no less than 42 minds have been working on the question whether capitalism should be rethought.

They come from Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Singapore, Scotland, Slovakia and the United States. They are experts in law, economics, ethics, finance and are active as analysts, lawyers, researchers, consultants, writers/essayists, philosophers and, above all, teachers.

Apart from two introductory, or - if you like - retrospective contributions, RED 04 is divided into five sub-themes: (I) governing companies: between profit and purpose (four contributions), (II) politics, companies and corporate policy (five contributions), (iii) law, markets and inequality (six contributions), (iv) the challenge of sustainability (six contributions) and (v) rethinking the foundations of capitalism (six contributions).

This contribution is a review of RED 04 by L. Cornelis, with the aim of not only highlighting RED 04 but also of contributing constructively to the debate.