Ordre public et démocratie by L. Cornelis, available in open access

The sixth IPCC-report (9 August 2021) emphasizes that human, economic and financial activities cause climate change and ecological imbalances. They make our planet more and more unsustainable.

The principles, the purpose and the rules of operation that govern these activities moreover unsettle the organisation of democratic communities: inequalities in revenues and wealth are out of control and effective democracy is in free fall.

In “Ordre public et démocratie” L. Cornelis makes the point that the legal system is largely responsible for the current situation.

Law and the administration of justice however can become driving and innovative forces able to control the major challenges we face if they are restructured in the way proposed and detailed in “Orde public et démocratie”.

The book will be made available in open access on the LBT platform in 45 episodes.

It aims at making sure that the principles, the purpose and the rules the Constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights and the articles 2-5 TEU enact, are given priority over any other rule of law and its applications.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case during the last fifty years, the result being an inconsistent legal system that allowed law and the administration of justice to disregard climate, ecology, equality and democracy going off track.

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